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Quail Hunting Outfitter in California

There’s no better way to spend a day or two during California quail hunting season than on a guided hunt with Conservative Game Management in the Diablo Mountains. Our guides know the best California quail hunting tips, tricks, and gear to help you bag your limit at our maintained hunting preserve.

We sustainably manage over 110,000 acres of private land for game species, including our local Q3 zone quail. Our guides know the preserve like the back of their hand and can take hunters to the best locations to find quail on the CGM property. New and experienced quail hunters can hunt for this wary game bird with guns or bows.

Quail Hunting California

California Quail Hunting Package

We offer one of the top California quail hunting preserves, lodges, and club packages during hunting season. Our packages include:

  • A 50% deposit to reserve the date
  • Guided quail hunting with one of our expert guides
  • One-day hunt in the Diablo Mountain range
  • Guaranteed shot opportunity*
  • Discounts for military, veterans, first responders, and junior hunters

*Guaranteed shot opportunity does not guarantee a kill during a hunt. If guides fail to direct hunters to a shot opportunity, hunters may return on a future hunt.

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Ready for the Hunt of a Lifetime?

If you have any questions for us or want to chat about our hunt options, feel free to call us at (805) 800-8182 or click the Book Hunt button.

What to Expect While Quail Hunting in California

Our guides know where the quails tend to nest and roost on CGM property. The hunt will start early in the morning near a popular roost. Your guide will help flush quail from their hiding spots in rocks, brush, and other covered areas where they like to hide.

Quail scare easily and move fast, making a shotgun with a good pellet spray an excellent option for hunting this game bird. Bow hunting may not preserve the meat as well, as it requires much more skill from the hunter. Quail habitat terrain tends to be rocky with thick brush coverage, making brush pants a good option for quail hunters.

California quail season runs from mid-October through the end of January. The mountains can get chilly at higher altitudes, and our property sometimes gets light snow coverage on colder days in the fall and winter. Keep an eye on weather reports and dress in warm layers.

Our one-day quail hunt ends at 5:00 p.m. according to California Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations. We also offer lodging and meals as add-on services if you book multiple days. Our lodging options include a four-bedroom ranch house, a three-bedroom ranch house, or bunkhouse. Our Conservative Game Management preserve offers several amenities, including:

  • WiFi
  • Pool tables
  • TVs
  • Bar
  • Outdoor firepits
  • Trap shooting
  • Shooting range

About the Hunting Land and Quail

Quail is an upland game bird species requiring validation to take. The preferred quail habitat is rocky and usually contains brush and high grasses. Quail hunters should expect to hike throughout the day to reach quail coveys in their preferred roosts. You don’t need to be in top physical condition, but the terrain is mountainous.

Our guides use spot and stalk methods to locate and get close to the quail. We may also use a quail call to attract a covey closer to a prime shooting position.

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Ready for the Hunt of a Lifetime?

If you have any questions for us or want to chat about our hunt options, feel free to call us at (805) 800-8182 or click the Book Hunt button.

About Conservative Game Management

At Conservative Game Management, we strive to maintain the land for our game species. We host over 300 hunters annually, fees from whom fund our sustainability efforts. Our team at CGM guides hunters to take between 300 and 500 game animals each year, including big game, upland bird species, and pest species.

We’re licensed hunting outfitters who proudly represent sustainable hunting practices at outdoor shows and outfitter clubs, including:

  • Wild Sheep Foundation Show
  • Safari Club International
  • Grand Slam Club/Ovis
  • Dallas Safari Club

FAQs About Quail Hunting in California

Check out our frequently asked questions about quail hunting in California, or call us today at (805) 800-8182 to speak with an experienced guide.

When Is Quail Season in California?

California quail season generally runs from mid-October through the end of January. Archery season typically runs for about three weeks, from the third week in August through the first week of September. Be sure to research the exact dates before booking or call us for seasonal information.

What’s Included in a Quail Hunting Package?

Our quail hunting package is a single-day hunt that includes guided quail hunting on our managed game property of over 110,000 acres in the Diablo Mountains. You can also book a multi-day hunt and get the meal and lodging add-ons for a reasonable additional cost.

Book a Guided Dove Hunt with Conservative Game Management in California

Spend a day hunting quail with a guide at our beautiful game preserve in the Diablo Mountains. At Conservative Game Management, we offer a guaranteed shot opportunity for every hunter.

Don’t search for “quail hunting preserves near me.”, if you want detailed information about California Quail Hunting, Call us at CGM today at (805) 800-8182 or contact us online for information.

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