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Blacktail Deer Hunting

California Blacktail Deer Hunting Outfitter

It’s deer hunting season, and you’re looking for more than just success—you want to harvest something special.

At Conservative Game Management, we’re here to help!

We offer premier California Blacktail deer hunting to provide a hunting experience that you’ll never forget.

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Blacktail Deer Hunting in California: What To Expect

Blacktail deer hunts last for two days (48 hours) and give hunters ample time to get into position for the perfect shot. You can expect to be out all day, tracking the animals and taking a break for lunch. Our experienced guides prefer to spot and stalk instead of using ground blinds or tree stands, so hunters will constantly stay on the move.

The safety and success of each client is our highest priority. We provide a 1:1 guide-to-hunter ratio, so you receive our undivided attention throughout the hunt. Whether you’re spotting, stalking, or getting situated to pull the trigger, we’ll be there every step of the way.

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When you go Blacktail deer hunting in California with Conservative Game Management, you can expect top-quality lodgings with all the comforts of home. Accommodations include a bunkhouse, a large four-bedroom ranch house, and a smaller three-bedroom ranch house. These come with various amenities, such as:
  • WiFi
  • TV
  • Bar
  • Pool table
  • Outdoor firepits
  • Shooting range
  • Trap shooting

A great day of hunting starts with a good night’s rest. You can kick back and enjoy our clean, well-maintained lodgings with your hunting party at the end of the day and set out fresh in the morning.

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Ready for the Hunt of a Lifetime?

If you have any questions for us or want to chat about our hunt options, feel free to call us at (805) 800-8182 or click the Book Hunt button.

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About the Hunting Land and Blacktail Deer

Conservative Game Management is one of the most reputable California Blacktail deer hunting outfitters, offering unparalleled hunting opportunities on 110,000 acres of private land. Once you set out on the hunt, you’ll make your way through the scenic Diablo Mountain Range and across stretches of rugged terrain. Blacktail deer hunts are for hunters of all fitness levels, so even if you’re not an experienced outdoorsman, you can bring home a prize deer. 

Our expert guides hunt and scout throughout the calendar year, keeping tabs on the herds and the habitat. We know the hunting grounds well and will get you into the best possible position to harvest your Blacktail deer. 

During the hunt, you can expect to see several Blacktail bucks. These stately creatures vary in size, depending on whether you’re on a trophy hunt or management hunt. The average Blacktail falls between 100 and 140 inches.

Blacktail Deer Hunting Package

At Conservative Game Management, we offer world-class hunting opportunities without the hassle of other outfitters. Hunters do not have to sign any booking forms and enjoy a personalized hunting experience every time. Here’s what you need to know about our Blacktail deer hunting packages:

  • 50% deposit required to lock in the date
  • 1:1 guide to hunter ratio
  • Lodging and meals included
  • Guaranteed shot opportunity
  • Discounts for juniors, military veterans, and first responders

You may notice we don’t supply a refund policy. That’s because we guarantee a shot opportunity on every hunt. Every paid hunter gets at least one chance to harvest a deer when you work with our professional guides. We will bring you back for another hunt if you don’t get an opportunity to take a shot—100% guaranteed.

Trophy fees do apply for California Blacktail deer hunting. Once harvested, we’ll measure the animal to determine its worth. The price depends on the score, similar to trophy whitetail hunting.  Contact us if you want more information about our scoring system.

We allow some people to join the hunt even if they aren’t hunters. You can participate in the hunt for $300. If you’d prefer to sit it out, you can also stay at the cabin and just pay for food and lodging.

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Ready for the Hunt of a Lifetime?

If you have any questions for us or want to chat about our hunt options, feel free to call us at (805) 800-8182 or click the Book Hunt button.

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About Conservative Game Management

Conservative Game Management is part of a family legacy and passion for hunting passed down for generations. In 2010, we went full-time as an outfitter and currently offer hunts in California and Mexico. Today, we work with over 300 hunters throughout the year and harvest between 300 and 500 animals annually.

We’re proud to offer world-class hunting opportunities and participate in the larger hunting outfitters’ community. We look forward to attending the following outdoor shows:

  • Dallas Safari Club
  • Wild Sheep Foundation Show
  • Grand Slam Club/Ovis
  • Safari Club International
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Ready for the Hunt of a Lifetime?

If you have any questions for us or want to chat about our hunt options, feel free to call us at (805) 800-8182 or click the Book Hunt button.

Conservative Game Management: Top Blacktail Deer Hunting Outfitter in California

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew where to find Blacktail deer herds and knew you’d get a chance to harvest one? At Conservative Game Management, we’ve made that dream a reality for hundreds of hunters like you. We offer guided hunts that guarantee shot opportunity and the experience of a lifetime.

Please reach out if you have questions about what to bring on a Blacktail deer hunt and what you can expect on your excursion. Submit a contact form or call us at (805) 800-8182 to book your California Blacktail deer hunting adventure today!

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