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Coyote Hunting California

Although native to the U.S., coyotes have become a pest species that harass livestock, pets, and people. With the near eradication of the gray wolf in the U.S., coyotes have expanded their range to spread across the country and into southern portions of Canada and Alaska. Coyote hunting is legal in California with no daily or bag limits.

At Conservative Game Management, we maintain a large game preserve of elk, bison, deer, hogs, turkeys, quail, and other popular game species on 110,000 acres in the Diablo Mountain Range. This attracts coyotes to our preserve, making herd maintenance difficult for our land managers. We offer guided coyote hunts to control the local coyote populations.

California Coyote Hunting Package

At Conservative Game Management, we offer guided hunts across our sustainably maintained hunting preserve. Our predator control programs include a one-day coyote hunting outing. Your CGM coyote hunting guide will provide the most up-to-date information about California coyote hunting tips, tricks, and gear for your hunt.

Your coyote hunting package will include:

  • One-day guided hunt
  • 50% deposit requirement to lock in the hunt date
  • Guaranteed shot opportunity*
  • Discounts for junior hunters, veterans, and first responders


*Our guides will help line you up to take a shot during your hunt, guaranteed. If you don’t have a fair opportunity for shooting coyotes on your hunt, we’ll invite you to return and try again.

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Ready for the Hunt of a Lifetime?

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What to Expect While Coyote Hunting in California

Coyote hunters can expect to follow coyote tracks across open areas on the CGM property to locate individual coyotes, pairs, or small groups. Coyotes don’t often form packs but may live in a family group. When hunting, coyotes prefer to work alone, or they can work in pairs to take down larger prey.

Many coyotes are solitary. These are often unmated individuals that have left their birth families and ventured out on their own.

Most coyotes mate for life and will only find a new mate after their previous mate dies. The coyote mating season is typically from late January through early March, with pupping season shortly after, usually March through May.

Coyotes have a varied diet consisting frequently of birds, mice, rats, rabbits, gophers, reptiles, amphibians, fruit, carrion, and deer fawn. They also predate poultry, sheep, and cattle on agricultural lands, usually singling out young or weak individuals.

Although our coyote hunting package at Conservative Game Management is typically for one day, you can schedule a multi-day hunt with lodging and meal add-ons. Our lodging options include a bunkhouse, a four-bedroom ranch house, or a three-bedroom ranch house. Overnight guests have access to many amenities, including:

  • TVs
  • Bar
  • WiFi
  • Pool tables
  • Outdoor fire pits
  • Trap shooting
  • Shooting range

About the Hunting Land and Coyotes

At Conservative Game Management, our 110,000-acre preserve sits in the Diablo Mountain Range area. The terrain varies between wide open areas of flat plains speckled with trees to rocky outcroppings, hills, and mountainsides. Coyote hunters should expect to traverse several terrain types while tracking coyotes and other pest species.

Our guides will help coyote hunters pick up the trail of coyote tracks and other signs and follow them back to the animal that made them, taking care not to spook the wily animals. Myths and legends that describe coyotes as clever aren’t far from the truth; they are adept at avoiding hunters.

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Ready for the Hunt of a Lifetime?

If you have any questions for us or want to chat about our hunt options, feel free to call us at (805) 800-8182 or click the Book Hunt button.

About Conservative Game Management

We strive to maintain our land for our game species, building stronger herds year-over-year. We host approximately 300 hunters annually, using funds raised from our fees to support our sustainability efforts. Hunters take between 300 and 500 animals each year, including birds, big game, and pest species like coyotes.

Conservative Game Management has been a full-time licensed outfitter since 2010, and we proudly participate in outdoor shows and outfitter clubs like:

  • Dallas Safari Club
  • Grand Slam Club/Ovis
  • Safari Club International
  • Wild Sheep Foundation Show

FAQs About Hunting Coyotes in CA

Learn more in our FAQ about hunting coyotes at CGM, or call us today at (805) 800-8182 to speak with an experienced guide

What Regulations Are There for Shooting Coyotes?

Coyote hunters must have a valid hunting license to hunt coyotes. California does not have a limit on the number of coyotes you can shoot, nor is there a bag limit.

You can use recorded calls to hunt certain nongame mammals or birds, including coyotes, bobcats, starlings, and American crows. You cannot bait coyotes or use lead ammunition. You must also follow spotlight regulations for night hunting in approved zones.

Are There Limits to How Many Coyotes You Can Take?

There are no limits to how many coyotes you can shoot or take in California. Coyotes are a nuisance species requiring year-round population control.

Schedule Your Guided Coyote Hunt with Conservative Game Management

Contact us at Conservative Game Management to schedule your guided coyote hunting outing in Paso Robles, CA. Call us at (805) 800-8182  or contact us online to book your hunt.

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